Friday, September 7, 2012

Doomsday Diaries by Aaron Powell

Doomsday Diaries

By Aaron Powell

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   Read September 7, 2012


          Kindle Version


“Doomsday Diaries” by Aaron Powell is a good book which was hard to put down. The storyline is very good and creative. The story is well developed and easy to follow. I enjoyed the way the author wrote the book as a journal.
The characters were believable and easy to relate to. I found I could put myself into the story and identify with the characters.
There is one section of the book which did not add any value to the storyline but actually distracted from it and will limit the book’s readership. It was a section of the story that dealt with graphic sexuality and could have been handle more discreetly.
Other that this I liked the book.


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