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Leading Without Authority by Aditi Chopra

Leading Without Authority
By Aditi Chopra

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   Read February 11, 2013


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Leading Without Authority by Aditi Chopra deals with the obstacles and pit falls faced by leaders who are in a position where they have little or no authority over the people they lead. This is common position which leaders can find themselves in the today’s business environment of team based leadership and projects.


Aditi did a good job of describing the various situations modern leaders find themselves in. She explained the pitfalls and challenges of each.


She explained in detail the various leadership styles that different leaders use to function and manage their business. Then she took each style and applied it to the issue of leading without authority.


I found the book well written and easy to read. It was informative and well thought-out. Because of its short length, approximately 52 pages depending on format, the book is ideal for the busy leader on the run.


I recommend Leading Without Authority by Aditi Chopra.







[Please note: I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.]


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