Monday, August 13, 2012

Prophets and Loss by Martin Roth

Prophets and Loss

By Martin Roth

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Read August 13, 2012


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I just finished “Prophets and Loss” by Martin Roth and it was excellent. This is the first book of his “Johnny Ravine Private Detective Series” and it has me hooked. I can’t wait to read more books in this series.

The storyline of “Prophets and Loss” is well develop and easy to follow. I like the way the author explained the main character’s history and background, tying it into the story. The action way continuous and exciting, which made it hard to put the book down.

The characters, especially the lead character, Johnny, were very believable. It was easy to identify Johnny and follow his story.

I look forward to reading more of Johnny’s adventures in the other books of the “Johnny Ravine Private Detective Series.”

I high recommend this book.

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