Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Burning at the Boss

Burning at the Boss
By Martin Roth

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     Read February 4, 2013


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I enjoy a good mystery, who done it type of book and Burning at the B0ss by Martin Roth is just that kind of book. This is book 3 of the Johnny Ravine Mystery series it brought the stories all together.

Martin Roth has an exciting way of telling a great story. This book is like the old time detective stories I grew up reading. Yes, it did have a murder but the author did not need to go into useless gruesome details to make his point. Martin used words and old fashion story telling ability to capture and keep the reader glued to the book. I have read several of his books and like them I really enjoy his writing style.

The story is well developed and easy to follow, even though there are lots of surprising twists and turns throughout the tale. It was easy to put myself into the story as an unseen extra and feel all the excitement and action that is taking place.

The characters were well defined and very believable. They could easily be your neighbors or friends. I found myself getting excited and cheering the characters on throughout the book.

I really enjoyed Burning at the Boss by Martin Roth and I highly recommend the book to all readers.

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