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Doomsday Diaries II: New World Order by Aaron Powel

Doomsday Diaries II: New World Order

By Aaron Powell

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Read January 19, 2013


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Doomsday Diaries II: New World Order by Aaron Powell is an action packed adventure novel into a post-apocalyptic world of the future. I enjoyed the story so well I could not put it down and read it in one day, which is unusual for me.

This is the second in the Doomsday Diaries series and I felt Aaron Powell really began to pull the story together. The overall storyline was well developed and believable. It was an easy book to read and follow. With each new twist you could feel the story intensity level rise and the excitement build. I enjoyed following the story and getting into the book.

The characters were well defined and believable. The main characters and the hero flowed seamlessly from the first book into this book with the continuation of the storyline. Each of the new characters added to the story helped build on the suspense and action.  Aaron had a few surprising twist with the characters which added to the story.

I am looking forward to reading the next installment.

I enjoyed reading Doomsday Diaries II: New World Order by Aaron Powell and I recommend this book to an adult audience due to the sexual content.


[Please note: I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.]


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