Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Oldest Enemy by Michael J Webb

The Oldest Enemy
By Michael J Webb

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Read October 23, 2012


                  Author Supplied .pdf Version


“The Oldest Enemy” by Michael J Webb is an exciting thriller which will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire book. I could hardly wait to see where the next twist or turn in the story led. This is a great book full of international intrigue, a few spies, detectives and several heroes. To make it even better it is a Christian novel.

The author did an excellent job with the storyline. His style of writing made the book easy to follow and even more believable. He tied all the various twist in the story together to weave a tail that will captivate you and have you wanting more.

The characters are well developed and easy to believe in. I found it easy to put myself into the story and follow along. Even the bad guy was so real you got a chill down your spine when he entered a scene.

I really enjoyed this book and I highly recommend “The Oldest Enemy” by Michael J Webb.


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