Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Operation Breakout by Mark E. Cooper

Operation Breakout
By Mark E. Cooper

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date         August 30, 2016

format     Kindle Version

Operation Breakout by Mark E. Cooper is the 4th book of the Merkiaari Wars series and I can't say enough positive things about this great book and series. This is science fiction space opera at its best.

The author has developed a tale of adventure and action that is nonstop and fast paced. It will leave you breathless after each segment. As each book in the series has developed the tale becomes more exciting and deeper.

The characters Mark E. Cooper has created are full of life and are very believable. It is easy to get into their rolls and follow them. I really enjoyed getting into the story this deep.

I really liked reading Operation Breakout by Mark E. Cooper and I highly recommend this book to all readers.

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