Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Marines (Crimson Worlds 1) by Jay Allan

Marines (Crimson Worlds 1)
By Jay Allan

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date         December 29, 2015

format    Kindle Version


If you are a space opera fan like I am then once in a while you have to read a good, down in dirt space marine thriller. Marines, Book 1 of the Crimson Worlds series, by Jay Allan fits the bill. This book is action packed and full of thrills.

I really liked the storyline that the author has developed. It is very realistic and very conceivable. The story moves at a good pace and kept my attention from start to finish.

Allan Jay's main character is well developed and a very believable hero. It is fun to watch him grow and mature as the story progresses. It is easy to get into this character and identify with him.

Marines by Jay Allan is an excellent book and I highly recommend this book to all readers.

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