Tuesday, March 8, 2016

War of the Fae by Elle Casey

War of the Fae
By Elle Casey

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date         March 8, 2016

format     Kindle Version

War of the Fae by Elle Casey is a great sci-fi novel, full of action and mystery. I found I really enjoyed the book and had trouble putting it down once I started reading.

The storyline for War of the Fae was not what I expected but it captured me right off and I loved it. The author's writing style made the tale come alive and become so believable. Every few pages a slightly new plot twist emerges which keep me on my toes.

I really liked Elle Casey's characters as they were very real to life and believable. I enjoyed watching them grow and mature as the story progressed.

I enjoyed War of the Fae by Elle Casey and I high recommend this book.


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