Friday, March 13, 2015

Sword of Empire by Christopher Nicole

Sword of Empire
By Christopher Nicole

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date         March 13, 2015

format     Kindle Version


Sword of Empire by Christopher Nicole is an excellent example of a well written historical novel. This is a true page turner which will keep you glued to its pages.

I love a book that transports you back to a historical place and time and captures your imagination. The author has done just that with his storytelling and creative writing style. The fact that I love the historical places and cultures of India made the story all the more real to me.  The writing style allowed me to feel the sway of the elephants and smell the aromas of the environment, both good and bad.

Christopher Nicole did an excellent job of developing his characters. It was easy to identify and follow with them throughout the story. I love to watch characters grow and mature as a story develops and the author achieved that, making them seem more real and easy to identify with.

I really like Sword of Empire and I highly recommend this book.

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