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The Versailles Legacy by Lyn Alexander

The Versailles Legacy
By Lyn Alexander

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       June 6, 2014


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The Versailles Legacy by Lyn Alexander is an excellent historical fiction. If you like getting into a book and feeling a part of the story you will love this novel.

I loved the way the author continued to develop the storyline she had started in the first book, The Officer's Code. Germany has suffered through the post WW I years and Hitler is beginning to reunite the patriotic feeling in the German people. The story does an excellent job of following this theme through the lead characters and their emotional turmoil from all the changes they must face. With the author's writing style you will believe you are there.

Lyn Alexander has done a great job of continuing to develop her main characters. The hero continues to grow stronger even as he faces all the changes of this period of history. I really got into the characters as the author so vividly described them.

I really liked The Versailles Legacy by Lyn Alexander and I highly recommend this book and series.


[Please note: I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.]


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