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Naked Eyes - Poetry of Youth - by Larry B. Gray (Guest Reviewer - Chris Ammann)

Guest Review by Chris Ammann

Naked Eyes - Poetry of Youth
By Chris Ammann

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Naked Eyes by Larry B. Gray is a true time capsule of 1970. This collection of poems shows a young Larry B. Gray pondering everything most intelligent young men do as they cross from adolescence to adulthood. Love, hate, war and death all come into play. I personally found myself again and again identifying with the words of the young Larry B. Gray and wished I had written many of them. Kept in the time frame of the turbulent late 60's and early 70's and it is to see these timeless poems as the treasure they are. In closing I could have included many of the passages to illustrate my point here but I left them out as not to spoil the reader's joy of discovery as I had.

Sincerely Chris Ammann

To be clear I was given a copy of Naked Eyes but the review is true and honest.

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