Thursday, March 7, 2013

Turns by Eric Dontigney

By Eric Dontigney

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     Read March 6, 2013


        epub Version


If you like the epic struggle between good and evil you will love Turns by Eric Dontigney. This is a fast paced, high action adventure that does not slow down from page one to the end of the book.

In today’s world where magic and the forces of power are everywhere there a few heroes that stand out and Eric Dontigney’s lead character is just such a man. Even though the distinction between good evil often blurs and monsters abound Eric’s writing style makes it easy to follow along. The story is well developed and very believable.

The characters are also well develop and could be your average next door neighbor. The bad guys and magical creatures even take on a degree of reality which leaves you thinking, “What if?” I really enjoyed the way Eric Dontigney delved into the lead character’s mental state. This made him more believable and real. It made it easier to identify with him.

I really enjoyed reading Turns by Eric Dontigney and I highly recommend this book if you like this genre.

One caveat. I do recommend you read the first book of the series, Fails (see my review dated Dec. 2012), before this book. It will help the story flow smoother.


[Please note: I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.]


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